Ruby Hsiao

Biography Ling-Yi (Ruby) Hsiao

Ruby Hsiao is a senior consultant at Entre-Vistro and leads the projects and initiatives focused on finance and financial strategy.

Work experience

Prior to working at Entre Vistro, she worked as an FP&A Manager for True Group, Accounting Supervisor for Sun Ten Laboratories and as a Senior Auditor at Deloitte in multiple countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam, USA, UK and the Netherlands. Having 9 years of experience in accounting, finance and financial planning and analysis, she has expertise in building financial models and crafting financial strategy. Her passion is to drive continuous improvement, build the team and bring the company to the next level. Her mission is to ensure the right information in the right format to the right person in the right time to support decision-making. 

Finance & Accounting

In the past, she helped a company save 25% of manpower in the Accounting and Finance department by streamlining the workflow. Aside from the immediate savings, she set up a system which not only enhanced employee happiness and work quality, but also enabled more savings as the company expanded. She also helped the company enhance the profit margin by 10% through changing the product mix and pricing strategy. Her experience in a pre-IPO company allows me to understand the bottlenecks and pain points of financial and operational processes. Effective communication and excellent interpersonal skills are crucial to connect across departments to bridge the gap between financial strategy and business operations.


To live up to her personal values of giving back to society and the environment, she is  currently assisting two startups that focus on wind energy and waste management. To play her part, she is helping entrepreneurs and NGOs by improving their current bookkeeping process, creating financial models from scratch, optimizing cash flows and crafting financial strategies that will enable their businesses to flourish with a circular economy mindset at the core foundation.


In her free time, she practices yoga and takes part in various kinds of outdoor activities. By reflecting deep inside herself and connecting with nature, it boosts her energy, confidence and perseverance to enhance the quality of her professional and personal life.